Is it worth investing in SEO to acquire customer?

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is SEO worth it?

How much traffic can you get from SEO?

According to SEO Marketing Singapore, proving the value of your SEO is one of the most challenging tasks anyone can have. It is not easy figuring out how much traffic SEO effort can bring. Most people wrestle with the question when they want to set the budget for their SEO strategy. In general, SEO has a significant effect on traffic increase though it takes time, unlike PPC. Any SEO consultant will tell you it is not a simple calculation but a conglomerate of many factors.

Why SEO is preferable to PPC?

SEO vs PPCMore and more organizations realize the importance of marketing through search engines. Research by Jupiter Research shows that 81% of users find their way to their desired websites through a search engine. This means a high search engine results pages is very crucial for marketing in today’s business environment. The question then remains, should one use SEO to rank naturally or use PPC to get in front of the target users?

When done the right way, both methods can get your message to the right audience though each has its costs and benefits. Organic results are 8.5 times more likely to get clicked compared to the paid result. This creates a significant discrepancy and indicates the respect organic results command. Searchers barely notice the sponsored results as their eyes focus only on the top organic results.

pay per clickPPC, on the other hand, holds a slight advantage in conversions; they are 1.5 times more likely to convert the click through from the search engine since they have been custom optimized by SEO experts before the ad is run. When all these factors are put together, organic search is 5.66 times better than paid search in opportunities.

With this information, anyone would go for SEO though it takes time, unlike the PPC that can happen overnight. PPC has its strength in the speed of ranking and wider reach giving you the chance to be on the first page for many targeted terms many times a day. This speed doesn’t come cheap and for it to be done effectively; you need to hire a firm to manage your PPC on a full-time basis.

SEO forecast spendingIt is estimated that about 87% of search engine spending goes to PPC whereas SEO efforts account only for 11%, this translates to more than $10 billion on PPC with SEO getting only $1 billion. Imagine, the strategy that is five times more effective gets only an eighth of the online marketing budget.

SEO efforts take time but are also durable, unlike the PPC efforts that drop to zero once you stop paying. PPC is, however, necessary in some instances like when launching a brand and wants maximum awareness, or for special events, or special offers that have an expiry date. SEO wouldn’t have the time to make this kind of exposure in the limited duration.

seo and ppcPPC is more of a quick fix that SEO does not offer. In SEO you have to work over some period to start seeing the results which will also take some time to dwindle when you stop the campaign. It requires a significant investment in time and effort to succeed. You can shell out some dollar and advertise on Google AdWords or Facebook and experience a sudden rise in traffic, however, this appealing occurrence is not sustainable; as soon as you stop paying, and everything goes back to the way it was with your site nowhere to be found. Using organic traffic, the efforts you make today will work for you tomorrow, next month and even next year. Paid traffic does not have such returns on investment.

Hire a SEO Consultant or DIY?

Now that we agree SEO is the best marketing investment, should you do it yourself or hire the experts? DIY can be great since it comes much cheaper than hiring a consultant. You control everything and decide how you want to implement it. However, this can be time-consuming, energy-draining and can lead you to a dark, destructive path without knowing. You may get that false sense of security that you know everything to efficiently build organic traffic when in reality you may be your SEO enemy.

A SEO firm with a team will focus on providing you long-term solutions. This is a full-time job that will bring a lot of backlog in your core business if you do it yourself. Some business employs an in-house consultant to take away this stress at a lower cost, but a fully fledged SEO firm has more variety, updated information and the drive to deliver results for their client that’s why you should choose to spend a little more and get the best.

Grow Your Business Through Organic Search!

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SEO is the new yellow pages

You probably have heard how “Organic Search”, “Search Engine Optimization” or its abbreviation “SEO” have helped business to acquire targetted lead online. But… is this relevant to your business? Can you tap on this marketing strategy to help to acquire more leads for your business?

You have come to the right place.

This site contains the knowledge and guide to optimize your site for the search engine so that your target audience will be able to search your business online.

Gone are those days where people looking newspapers or yellow pages for services or products they want.

Search engine is the new yellow pages that allow everyone to retrieve from information within seconds.

This search technology has literally disrupted the world and it is not mandatory for all business to be found online.

In the weeks to come, we will be sharing with you how you can get your business online and be found be your customer.

Stay tune to our next update!