Self Acupressure Points For Weight Loss

Acupressure for weight loss is based on the principle that the human body has an uneven energy supply. If this energy is unevenly dispersed, there are inconsistencies in the human body’s hormonal regulation. Applying pressure on specific points on the human body is able to correct these irregularities and help the human body to regulate its energy supply.

Traditional Chinese medicine suggests that there are 365 acupressure points, also called meridians, running through the body. When one or more of these acupressure points are malfunctioning, it may result in different illnesses. Acupressure weight loss therapy considers that the irregularities in the energy supply and related illnesses can be treated through applying pressure to these acupressure points. According to Chinese belief, illness arises when the human energy is not able to proceed through the various meridians. This is caused by stress and other factors.

Acupressure weight loss treatment can be carried out in lots of ways. It’s often done through pressing a spongy substance called yang to the acupoints on the body. Some therapists claim that pressing yang will bring about the release of substances called neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters act as messengers to the brain. By releasing these chemicals, the human body gets back in balance. In traditional Chinese medicine, this is seen as a cure for depression.

Acupuncture is also commonly referred to as auricular acupressure. In this technique, the acupoints are stimulated with thin needles. The stimulation induces stimulation of the nerves along the meridians and different areas of the body. This helps the human body to reduce its total body weight. Many critics believe that auricular acupressure can be dangerous because the needles are put into sensitive areas.

It’s believed that acupuncture releases neurohormones and endorphins. These hormones are thought to stimulate the fat cells and reduce the appetite. Critics argue that there isn’t any scientific proof that these hormones are released through acupuncture. If properly done, acupuncture can result in the correct stimulation of the endorphins and neurohormones. This leads to a reduction of food cravings and leads to body weight loss.

Acupressure is normally performed by means of sterile, sterile needles. The acupressure therapist applies circular or linear strain by applying gentle pressure to certain pressure points located on the body. The circular pressure points are particularly effective for releasing tension and relaxing the muscles and connective tissues. Massaging the specific acupoints can help release endorphins and neurohormones.

Acupressure is done by stimulating the acupoints on the meridians around the spleen meridian. The spleen meridian is situated close to the navel on the left side of the body. It connects the spleen to all the organs and parts of the body. By stimulating the spleen meridian, it is believed to attract the organs back into balance. The stimulation can be accomplished with a circular motion.

The third major pressure point is the stomach. Many critics believe that the abdomen is not an important place to stimulate for weight loss. However, if you focus your attention on this area, you will feel energetic and invigorated, as your body will begin to unwind and release toxins. The abdominal area is also an important place to stimulate when combined with other methods for effective weight loss.

The fourth significant pressure point is located across the wall of the stomach. This area is known as the duodenum in medical terminology. It is located across the boundary between the small intestine and colon. It is also located along the axis of the gut, just above the lower esophageal sphincter. The force applied to the area in a massage is like the way pressure is placed on the spleen meridian.

To begin this type of treatment, a combination of acupressure points are used on a daily basis. The first one is the abdominal pressure point located along the spleen meridian. The second one is that the lower pressure region of the abdomen located along the colon and duodenum. The next one is the upper pressure point situated along the wall of the abdomen. These three pressure points are all important to positively influence each other for maximum effect. Two minutes of massage daily will have a positive impact on the health and vitality of every part of the body.

Start this sort of massage by locating both big pressure points on each side of your body. Put two fingers inside your palms and then rub them together to warm up the palms. Next place two fingers in your ears and gently rub them along the inner walls of each ear. Last, use the abdominal acupressure points on each side of your body.